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Sex Ed Classes: Learning & Sharing

Sex Ed Classes: Learning & Sharing To start, I like to lead by example. So, if you’re interested in the sex education field that’s great. #SexEdFirst.  Ultimately, the route you take depends on your budget, as well as other factors.  Previously, I was advised by someone that qualifications weren’t necessary.  However, I’m licensed, have professional certifications …

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Happy Thoughts… Smiling Today

Happy Thoughts… Smiling Today Artist: Haddaway|Song: “What Is Love” It’s FRIDAY!!!! Today I’m focused on having happy thoughts. I know we just cried and had ice cream last time we spoke. Nevertheless, sobbing can be utilized as a means to detox the mind. My grandmother always said, “Just let it out, inward stress will not do …

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Self Love Is The Best Love, image of a white sign with the phrase you are worthy of love, sitting in front of a tree on a path

Self Love Is The Best Love

Self Love Is The Best Love “Ultimately, no one will love you like you do. So, put yourself first, as often as possible. Love yourself immensely.  It’s not being conceited, it’s self confidence. Self love is the best love in my opinion” Shelly Land Sharing is sexy: