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Feisty Fox Films: Advocacy

Feisty Fox Films

To begin, I commend Feisty Fox Films for all the work they do for others. They have a  Monthly Spotlight, which focuses on new folks within the sex education community. As well as, feature other endeavors in the sex positive industry.

Additionally, if you’re new and seeking camaraderie, Feisty Fox Films started  #WorkingWEBnesday

Moreover, working WEBnesday is a virtual co-working event, which is facilitated via Google Hangouts. It’s a great platform to work as a unit on individual projects, converse and build a rapport with peers.  Even more, they created a survey to gather Sex Blogger statistics.

In closing, they are a multi-talented, thoughtful, and an established, resourceful educator. Also, you can hire them for Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook ads assistance. They offer guest posts and blog assistance at great prices too.

Contact them at collaborate@feistyfoxfilms.com.


  1. We’re birthday twins.
  2. They filmed, a short video, Hold Music, which has been screened internationally!! 
  3. We both worked as interns at The Center For Sexual Health & Pleasure.
Feisty fox films, Taylor shown from the chest up sitting in front of a wooden fence overlooking trees and a garage. They are wearing a red plaid button-up, a black leather chest harness, and their collar. They're drinking out of a mug with their site's fox logo on it while looking intensely into the camera. Their hair is short on the sides and long on the top, slightly wavy and pushed to one side and they're wearing clip-on fox ears.

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