Public service announcement, image of a a gold microphone, black background

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

Singing, “Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Shell, Shell, S to the…”, in my best Jay Z voice!! (I did this intro on my other blog but I love this song).

Hello, I’m Shelly. Shelly Land.

Currently, I’m working on two blogs. Initially, I blogged under pseudonyms Captain Pleasure S(Shelly) and/or The Pleasure Connoisseur, because I wanted privacy on this one. Then while attending Woodhull’s conference I decided against using those. 

I am happy to start sharing more of my copilot’s work, as well as other businesses via this category, but before doing so I wanted folks to know my name, answer some questions, reflect and self promote!

I was raised to be selfless, and to treat people how I wanted to be treated.  Also, I was shy at one point then after “the marriage” I found my voice, because a closed mouth can’t get fed.  Despite facing obstacles as a single mother, I started a few business endeavors on my own. You never know what you’re capable of until you’re backed against a wall.

The image above was my first “high tech” business card (my twin’s info is on the other side) we had a hair salon together, I did nails, and graphic designing too.  I still have some of the old flyers and business cards I designed, ummm this isn’t one. I recall being hyped just from printing with neon stock paper at Kinkos!!!

The good ol' days

Public service announcement, image of a person holding a can to his mouth attached to a string to simulate a childhood way to communicate.

Back then we didn’t have social media, but I had some GOOD  times out and about. Well, let me begin. 

I launched, Shell’z Cellz, an independent authorized cellular phone service business, which  thrived for about six years. Fun fact, almost two decades later one of my clients has the same number. Currently, I’m a life insurance broker.  If I was familiar with residuals, jeez, T-Mobile should have a check for me.  Immediately, I wondered how many long term customers I have out there, heehee!! Other products and services were added during this period.

Including Shell’z Cellz n Diva Land, I created unique accessories, embellished items and sold ladies apparel in a clothing shop owned with my son. That website is very old, and my first attempt. I will revamp it and launch a fashion blog next year. 

I’m holding one of my creations in the picture below. (Leon Millette Photography). SCNDL hasn’t been a priority for awhile after an injury, and life happening.  However, I will be stepping back in my chocolate factory soon.

Something New

Public service announcement, Bedroom Kandi 2013 Convention, Shelly Land in front of a BK backdrop, Photographer Leon Millette, Bedroom Kandi by Shell'z,

I heard about BK. Bedroom Kandi by “Shell’z Cellz n Diva Land” would’ve been too long.  Therefore, I went with Bedroom Kandi by Shell’z

We now carry hair products (and makeup), so if you purchase Mayvenn hair from my site, maintain it with products that are 100% vegan friendly, paraben, petroleum, sulfate and cruelty free, also formulated/produced in the USA.

Land Enterprises, LLC, professional services, is the other blog mentioned. We offer business start up services now. I provide resources for business set up. Also, links to start your own blog, professional email, and etc. If you’re interested in incorporating your business, I’m a Legal Shield/Senior Director. I will facilitate self help workshops one day.

Eventually, Pleasure Land Novelties will consist of unique adult products from body safe, top quality manufacturers. And my line of one of a kind, handcrafted, sex positive accessories. I would like to launch my own toy line one day (stilettos too, I had so many ideas while embellishing them).

Let's Connect

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I have a variety of affiliate links, as well as non affiliated businesses  located in the Pleasure Land sidebar if you’re visiting via desktop, or scroll down on your device. Eventually, I will showcase those businesses and post reviews.

Ultimately, operating a business primarily online isn’t the same as a brick and mortar. The best part, of course, is utilizing the world wide web.

The similarities are B2B, word of mouth marketing, exchanging referrals, bartering, networking are vital means of sustaining while self employed. From my experience, social media is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers and other businesses, but nothing replaces meeting people in person.

I have to add, if you have a family member or friend that owns a  business  please support them. If they blog, read there work, subscribe, comment on the blog, and share it please and thanks. Folks would stick to a journal if they didn’t want their voices heard. You support celebrities #SupportFolksYouKnow

Additionally, small business owners, McDonald’s and Burger KIng are doing well as neighbors. They’re not the same as us, just making a point , everyone can make it. #NetworkForMutualBenefit.

The sooner people understand that support is not one sided the better. It’s true you don’t have to be friends with others in your industry, but you can be respectful. My grandmother always said to not be rude to people because you never know who will need whom. 

It’s my pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance.


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