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SheVibe Gift Certificate $75

SheVibe: E-Gift Certificate $75

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I’m very excited about this SheVibe gift certificate promo… THANK YOU SHEVIBE!!!!  To start, my one year blogiversary was in September. Then, I was acknowledged as one of the Kinkly Top 100 Bloggers.

Next, I received my first sex ed certification. Lastly, I turned 45 this month! Needless to say, there’s a lot to celebrate.  It’s time for a GIVEAWAY!

Also, make your purchase with the affiliate link on this post or the sidebar please and thanks. Good luck.


“Thank you again for the giveaway!! It was such a fantastic splurge, and I got:
1) My very first strap-on harness! It’s badass as hell, comfy, and I’m too single to use it properly but it is magnificent and makes me feel all merry and gay, and I love it. It was time. 
2) The Totally Curvy NSFW coloring book with badass fat babes. Body positivity for daaaaaays. 
3) Also the Creative Cursing coloring book, which is just elegantly decorated swear words, and completely my aesthetic. I am normally WAY too broke to buy a $15 coloring book, and now I have TWO, and they are both gorgeously done and fill me with glee. 
This was such a fun surprise shopping spree!! Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway.” B

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