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Got Toys?

Kandi Burruss…

  • Singer
    TV Star
    Executive Producer

…launched Bedroom Kandi  in 2011. I sold toys for other companies; however, Bedroom Kandi appeals to me because the owner is a powerful woman. So, I made the decision to support her new endeavor. It was exciting to send my resume and apply in hopes of being one of the original sales representatives.

Then, to actually be selected as the first to join was exhilarating. A business associate and I were the beta team consultants in VA. We attended Kandi’s Atlanta Launch Party for her award winning intimate product line on September 29, 2012.

That date is special to me, not only because I started with Kandi from the beginning and was chosen out of hundreds of applicants. It was the introduction to sex education that lead me on this sex positive journey. I love that we don’t merely sale toys.

Bedroom Kandi supports educating our clients about adult luxury items, as well as advising them on intimate tips. So, if you’d like to be your own boss, join my Team Pleasure Connoisseurs. Contact me or complete the application on my Bedroom Kandi by Shell’z site. I can’t wait to see you at Kandi Burruss’ yearly BK consultant convention this fall!


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