About seven years ago, my son said we should start a blog for our fashion shop. I didn’t have the time, or interest because I invested so much energy/time in the business and I was attending college. Not to mention, I was a single mother, mommy taxi and other duties took precedence. Fast forward, and I wish I would’ve listened. Heeheee!

Eventually, I found out about a scholarship for a sex blogging course from Sunny Megatron,  one of the first sex educators I followed. I have to add, please listen to the American Sex Podcast with Sunny and her husband Ken. They are hilarious, and make sex ed fun! Sunny exudes sex positivity. 

Subsequently, I was afforded the opportunity to apply for  JoEllen Notte and Epiphora’s awesome Be A Sex Blogger class. It was exciting to be selected as a recipient. If you’re interested in the course I took, you can use the coupon code PleasureConnoisseurs to get $10 off. They offer assistance to bloggers at a great price for those that only want help with specific tasks.

Then, I was fortunate a second time, the amazing, selfless #blogsquad team,  Dangerous Lilly and Sarah Brynn Holliday/Formidable Femme  raised funds, so marginalized bloggers could attend. Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit was the first sex ed convention I visited, and it was a good experience.

Nina Hartley walked up to me as I viewed the gorgeous, stainless steel nJoy toy line on one of the vending tables. I appreciated the welcome. We conversed about the nJoy Pure Wand, and I had no idea I was in the presence of a legend! If only I was aware of all the amazing educators in the world. I’m learning slowly, but surely.

I’m wondering if nJoy send toys out for reviews, I definitely wanted one after that conversation. 

Later, I met Ducky Doolittle in the awesome Bloggers Lounge sponsored by Ducky and Blush Novelties, it was great because of the positive energy. I recognized her and she matched my excitement!

The Non-toxic & toxic toys exhibit

Dangerous Lilly researches sex toys extensively. This work is invaluable. So, I implore you to read the findings. It was great to meet Lilly, and guess who finally had a chance to see these specimens after raving about them for almost a year… I did!  I appreciated the extra time taken to speak to me after I’d missed the workshop. 

Overall, I’m enjoying my sex ed blogging life, it’s so much to learn. There are some genuine folks in the blogging universe, same as myself. I love that. Soon, I will be sharing more of my copilots work via a monthly showcase. I have links below for a few of them now! 


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