2018: Pleasure Connoisseurs

2018: Pleasure Connoisseurs

2018: Pleasure Connoisseurs

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Welcome back to Flight 0929! We made it… here’s a recap 2018: Pleasure Connoisseurs! Last time on board we were discussing self-love which is my focus this year.  I want to reflect on a few memories today!

THANKS to everyone that voted for me and woohooo Kinkly!!!! To add, I appreciate when folks share and comment here when visiting… it helps to get my blog seen. 

2018: Pleasure Connoisseurs. Pic of a plaque

My children gave me the BEST gift ever this year. It is wonderful that they acknowledged my work!!!! They were excited about my achievement and presented me with a thoughtful plaque.

May Moore of Sex Matters is a supportive blogger!  She has included me in posts, as well as shares my work. Please check out her amazing erotic stories, and if you want something written contact her!  May is shadow banned, so it is helpful to share her posts on social media. I’ve referenced May’s blog a few times as well.

Sex Matters
2018: Pleasure Connoisseurs. Image of May Moore's blog

My FIRST certification….. I look forward to expanding my sex ed journey. Thanks Elevate U!  I admire the CSPH, now I’m a Certified Community Sexual Health Educator this a great start for me.

Laurieann, owner of Backwoods Bedroom, is another selfless blogger I’m happy to have met this year, she even supported my #SexEdFirst campaign. I think everyone should read her thorough reviews before making a toy purchase.  I’ve spoke of Laurieann a few times, but you can check out her showcase here. 

Backwoods Bedroom
2018: Pleasure Connoisseurs. Backwoods Bedroom blog image

Anyone that follows me, are aware that I’m a total fan of Sunny Megatron!  I appreciate the work Sunny does and this s/o!  I have mentioned Sunny numerous times here, however, check out Sunny’s series on Showtime.  As well as, the website so you can follow everything! Sunny and husband Ken are an awesome SEX POSITIVE team you have to listen to their podcast, American Sex Podcast and don’t forget their reddit!! #PayForSexEd 

Feisty Fox Films, owned by Taylor is a reliable resource for new bloggers. I was thrilled to be featured in their blog this September.  They always help others, which is great in the blogging world. Check out their work please and thanks. They have a spotlight here too.

Feisty Fox Films

Special thanks to:

We-Vibe, Tantus and SheVibe for sponsoring the giveaways celebrating my one year blogiversary! Additionally, Dangerous Lilly and Sarah Brynn Holliday/Formidable Femme  raised funds, so marginalized bloggers could attend  Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit which was the first sex ed convention I visited. 

Happy New Year:

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