Kandi Coated Makeup: Bedroom Kandi, image of Kandi Burruss in front of a banner and display for her new cosmetics.

Kandi Coated Makeup: Bedroom Kandi

Kandi Coated Makeup

Artist: Cameo|Song: "Candy"

“It’s like candy. I can feel it when you walk even when you talk it takes over me. You’re so dandy I wanna know can you feel it too just like I do…woo!”

Welcome back to Flight 0929! Last time on board we visited our final Summer 100 Blog Challenge destination. I’m super excited to see you all again! Great news!! I have a new Bedroom Kandi product to introduce to you. BK doesn’t just sell high end, body safe adult products, and advocate sexual education. We offer bath & body essentials.

Kandi Koated logo in black and pink

Additionally, MAKEUP! Honestly, I don’t wear it, but I could use some concealer now (shrug…heehee). Although, I do loooove lipgloss!!!

Most important, KANDI KOATED is a cruelty-free (products and ingredients weren’t tested on animals) line of makeup with diverse color palettes to accommodate a range of skin tones. I will be sharing more info soon.

Well, this was a short flight. I hope you enjoy the music selection, because as soon as I was notified of Kandi’s new endeavor this song popped in my mind. I’ll be singing it in the mirror while I slide on some gloss and apply some concealer to these tired eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Kandi Coated Makeup: Bedroom Kandi”

  1. Congrats to Mrs. Tucker 💋!! The cosmetics industry was and will always be bountiful. This is awesome accomplishment for yet, another African-American woman who I’m sure will create rich textures and shades for Women of Color (WOC). And thank you to Shelly for helping bring this product to the market!!!! Ayyyyeeeee!

  2. Yes Kandi did it again! Consultants will be selling this amazing new product soon, so let me know if you hear of anyone interested in this opportunity, I’m trying to build team Pleasure Connoisseurs! Thanks for replying Rakisha.

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