Lust Expires: Stop Playing, image of chalk board with a broken heart drawn with game over written over it.

Lust Expires: Stop Playing

Lust Expires: Stop Playing

Artist:Atlantic Starr|Song:"When Love Calls"

When Love Calls, You BETTER ANSWER! The song speaks for itself, so listen to what she’s saying world! HEEEHEEEE! Briefly, my advice to people allowing true love to slip away: lust expires. Your foundation should be built with love in order to sustain, just my opinion. Not to mention, your mate deserves a love that is reciprocated.

To start, last time I reached out to you all in song… I was dancing and I’m at it again! Although Atlantic Star is sending the universe a message about being in love alone, the song emanates an uplifting feeling.

Also, if you’re in a situationship (it’s not a relationship if your mate isn’t committed to you) and you’re in a confused state: Don’t wallow in self-pity.  Turn on some tunes to boost your morale. For instance, sing this one as loud as you can (I included most of the lyrics! Woohoo, it’s karaoke time)! 

You shouldn’t settle. Self-love is everything. So, don’t wait too long. What if your mate never recognizes that you’re enough?

***Update: I have researched non-monogamous relationships, so I understand the different variables involved. This post was from a monogamous perspective***

“[Verse 1]  Here I stand with open arms, I’m offerin’ my love to you, I wanna do for you all the things that you want me to.
There’s so much more that I could do for you, but you just won’t let me give you my love, boy, what is wrong with you?

Don’t you know when love calls, you’d better answer (You’d better answer) ‘Cause it might be a big mistake if you decide to hesitate

When love calls, yeah you’d better answer (You’d better answer).  Don’t let it slip away too many times, ‘cause love may not ever come again.

[Verse 2]
I know that your heart is into playin’ the field and that blinds you
Baby, you can’t see the forest for the trees, no no
The candle in my heart burns slowly every day
Don’t you mess around too long and let it melt away…”

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