Sex Ed

Summer 100: Sex Toys

Summer 100: Sex Toys

Artist: Macy Gray|Song: "B.O.B."

“…and his name is BOB,

B- is for Battery,
O- Operated,
B- is for Better, cos he’s not complicated…”

This Is Your Captain Speaking

Welcome back to Flight 0929! Destination: Pleasure Land. You all have your tickets? Great! Last time on board we talked about oral play. Once again, I’d like to extend my apologies for the delay. I was excited to participate in the Summer 100 Blog Challenge, but self-care is a priority. So, I’ve been focused on working towards a better me as of late.

I usually include a song I can sing along to, yet I happened upon this tune today. I thought it was fitting for our trip. Well, without further ado we’ll  discuss sex toys. Oh, where are my manners, let me introduce my Summer 100 copilots, Meg & Krystle.  Meg has an engaging perspective when describing intimate items. If you enjoy anime this post will be very interesting. Moreover, Krystle describes a preferred toy in a great blog post.

The First Sex Toys

To begin, toys aren’t taboo anymore, and from what I’ve read we’ve come a long way. There is talk that Cleopatra used a contraption with bees inside to get a buzz. I’m not sure about that, but let’s take a look at this 28,000-year-old phallus found in Germany.

phallusplural phalli, ˈfa-ˌlī, -ˌlē\ or phalluses

1a symbol or representation of the penis

Historically, phallic objects, symbolized artifacts used to deter evil spirits or grant fertility, however, there are indications that these devices served sexual needs as well.

It’s said that doctors as far back as ancient Greece, administered pelvic massages, yes… masturbation, to cure what they called female hysteria.  Anyone here masturbates frequently?  Well, you know “hands on” (pun intended) that it can attribute to pain in the wrist and elbow over time.

Furthermore, vibrators were invented in the 1800’s to assist doctors with these examinations. Although, there are debates that these instruments (this is just one example) were created for other purposes. I don’t know…  what really had me thinking for a bit was some women may not have wanted the “treatment”, or were unnecessarily institutionalized for this “hysteria” illness.

Stimulated Educated Liberated

It’s incredible to learn about the evolution of toys, and the revolution of women’s sexuality.  Eventually, in the 1900’s women were depicted in exotic film, engaged in self-love, among other acts.  Some women were empowered sexually, so that put a damper on the sell of  “personal massagers” in the home electronics section of most catalogs.

Then classic favorites such as the wand were introduced.  There is a vast assortment of toys available now, not just dildos, and vibrators.  I’d like to add, the idea that toys will replace your mate is not true, actually they can possibly reignite a spark that fizzled.  I think even if sex with your mate doesn’t need “work”, there is nothing wrong with variety.

For instance, in recent times, you can purchase a sex bot. What an upgrade from the plastic, life-sized blow up dolls in the past. Currently, I can’t add the robots to my inventory, however, you may indulge in  Silicone Wives. I look forward to continuing to sell body safe, intimate items via my new endeavor, Pleasure Land Novelties one day. Until then, I am a proud affiliate of Tantus, SheVibe and Fleshlight and Fleshjack.

Don’t worry, Bedroom Kandi fans, I will have my BK site up and running. My goal is to add customer’s toy review post too. As a matter of fact, I wrote my first toy review last year. Also, I was gifted an AWESOME dildo, the Real Nude – Rollo by Blush Novelties. It’s one of the most ”realistic” dildos I’ve ever owned and with a little imagination… JEEZ!!!! Yes,  it doesn’t replace a man, because there’s nothing like flesh and bone, however, it DOES have a suction cup on the bottom which works perfect on smooth surfaces (like in the bathtub or shower). Here’s a link to purchase yours!


I feel that sex ed & self gratification is fundamental for pleasure. So, if you are single and abstinent #fitbuyatoy, enjoy yourself… and when the time comes, you can convey to your mate exactly what you like. Hmmm, some of us can be aggressive at times, instead of asking, you tell them… heeheee… I will write about that soon or find a fellow blogger’s take on it and share. Who knows, maybe your partner wants you to be in control.  Perhaps during our next stop, Summer 100: Sex Education, we can discuss that.

In conclusion, as far as I’m concerned, knowledge of your body is important when exploring with a toy while alone or with someone else. Buy one.

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  1. Glad you included the bit about toys not replacing your mate as I sometimes feel that “society” would like that to happen. Very educational post 😉

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