Meet Your Captain
The Pleasure Connoisseur
Shelly Land
Sex Education Advocate/Blogger

Welcome Aboard Flight 0929

My mission is to stimulate, educate, and liberate myself and others. I incorporate body safe, upscale adult items, and look forward to offering sex education classes/seminars soon.

This is your captain speaking

Welcome aboard Flight 0929. I’m so excited that you decided to join me as I embark on this perpetual, sensuous, new, informative journey. I advocate sex education, sex positivity, and self-love.

I just have one special favor to ask please and thanks, turn ON your personal electronic devices. Also, I want you to relax because stress is prohibited for the duration of the flight. So, feel free to move about the cabin as you see fit. With this in mind, I’ve  provided in-flight products and services at your leisure on the Pleasure Land sidebar located to your right via computer. Unless of course you’re scrolling down on your phone/tablet.

Additionally, I’m not a seasoned pilot. However, rest assured this will be an engaging and safe trip. No… seriously, I earned my wings via life lessons. During which time I determined that a combination of sexual knowledge, recognizing self-worth, laughter, and rock n roll (music in general) can save souls. I can attest to that. In fact, I feel that loving yourself and self-gratification is a fundamental component. 


As We Start Our Descent

Summing up, before we take off, I  hate to impose yet I’m curious? First, Have you ever had a question or simply intrigued about a sensual topic, yet you’re reluctant to click the like button on social media? Next, does the mere thought of some friends/family seeing one of your comments, sort of makes you cringe? 

Yes?! Excellent. Contact me directly for sex ed inquiries or leave comments on my posts!  I want to be stimulated, educated, and liberated. I’m glad the feeling is mutual. 

We should touch down in Pleasure Land soon.

Fasten your seatbelts.