Domestic Violence Awareness Month, purple sky on a horizon

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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…mental wounds take forever to heal, sexual abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse sometimes the closest to you self loathe, so if they hate themselves, they’re not capable of loving anyone. It starts off subtle then once you’re reeled in you may feel like it’s no escape. It’s so many resources in recent years. The only person I was comfortable enough to confide in back then was my GYN, he advised me to get marriage counseling.

This is one reason why I advocate sex ed, discussing private topics like this shouldn’t be taboo. Speak up when possible… reach out as soon as you can. I’m hopeful victims are able to come forward no matter how embarrassed or uncomfortable they feel. Get help when it’s safe for you… get away as soon as you can. Keep in mind it doesn’t matter if you’re married, or your gender. Abuse can happen to anyone.

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