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Don’t Settle

Artist: Bonnie Raitt| Song: “I Can’t Make You Love Me”  “…I can’t make you love me If you don’t. You can’t make your heart feel Something it won’t. Here in the dark In these final hours, I will lay down my heart And I’ll feel the power; But you won’t. No, you won’t…” ***Welcome back… Read More Don’t Settle

My Insight

My Sex Ed Journey

TW: Mention of sexual abuse First stop: Innocence To start, my father told my sisters and I that we were his princesses. He said, “I love you” every day. I remember him playing music often, music was a key component in our lives.  He enjoyed a variety of genres(that’s why I LOVE music) and was a… Read More My Sex Ed Journey

My Insight


“Ultimately, no one will love you like you do. So, love yourself immensely. It’s not being conceited, it’s self confidence.” S. L.