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Sex Education

Sex Ed

To start, I like to lead by example. So, if you’re interested in the field of sexual education that’s great! I will share resources as I start a variety of classes from different platforms. Adult sex ed is vital, because it’s so many uninformed grown-ups in the world.

In 2017, I pursued my sex ed journey and received a Certificate of Completion in an Intersectionality for Human Services course via The Center of Sexual Pleasure and Health.
Moreover, they have so many programs to select from. I look forward to taking more. Help them to reduce sexual shame please and thanks! Check them out.

Soon after, I took an online class called Introduction to Reproduction and a Photography class via Coursera. Moreover, I am elated they asked me to volunteer as a mentor to the Summer 2018 photography students. Check out their sex ed course.


Later, I received a Certificate of Completion in Sex, Science, and Society. Check out this course on the edX website.

Spring 2018, I worked as a social media intern with CSPH!  Furthermore, I will continue to learn and share with you all. I am taking their Jumpstart Your Career in Sexuality course.

Also, I look forward to being an accredited educator one day.

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