Sex Education

Gender Pronouns

Before I became aware, there was a few times I used the wrong pronoun and felt awful. Subsequently, when I wasn’t sure if I should say he or she (was clueless… didn’t know of others) I’d use their name when addressing folks. It wasn’t until I interned with The CSPH that I was educated on the use of gender pronouns. I no longer say you guys either.

As a result, I’ll ask if you have a specific pronoun when conversing, and I say folks or you all.  Additionally, there is information on the Trans Student Educational Resources website.

Once, I mistakenly called someone her instead of they and despite my sincere apology their tone when stating, “It’s they” was very rude.  I didn’t feed in to their negative energy.

I feel that if someone isn’t being malicious there is no need for hostility. For instance, my voice was deeper because of a cold once, but I didn’t speak to the customer service rep in an abrasive manner when they said sir.

Ultimately, we all need patience when learning something new. We should all respect one another too.

Never Assume... ASK

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