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Experience Raw Poetry: Seduction At It’s Finest

Experience Raw Poetry: Seduction At It's Finest

Experience raw poetry. H.J. “Snakey Baby” Goodridge, a Harlem native, and renowned artist, recently published a seductive book of poems.  You can purchase one at his signing event and birthday party on December 8, 2018 at the Allure 30/30Can’t make it? Order your copy of  The Raw Experience here.  

Mr. Goodridge, aka, That Harlem Katt, definitely has a way with words.  To add, reading his book may inspire the urge to explore! So, relax, sip your favorite wine, light a candle, psst get some new toys as an enhancement. 

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate him on this and all endeavors! 

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2 thoughts on “Experience Raw Poetry: Seduction At It’s Finest”

  1. I’ve always considered myself a humble man. Reading your words made me ask myself, “who is she talking about”! Your words not only made revisit my humbleness, they flatter and inspire me to do the best I can possibly do!!! Thank you… #ThatHarlemKatt #SnakeyBaby

  2. Thanks for replying! You are an incredible artist!!!!!! I commend you for your amazing TALENTS!!! 🙂 We need more insight from men in the sex ed world it would be great to see you pursue that!

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