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My Sex Ed Journey

TW: Mention of sexual abuse First stop: Innocence To start, my father told my sisters and I that we were his princesses. He said, “I love you” every day. I remember him playing music often, music was a key component in our lives.  He enjoyed a variety of genres(that’s why I LOVE music) and was a… Read More My Sex Ed Journey

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Summer 100: Sex Toys

Artist: Macy Gray | Song: “B.O.B.” “…and his name is BOB, B- is for Battery, O- Operated, B- is for Better, cos he’s not complicated…” This Is Your Captain Speaking Welcome back to Flight 0929! Destination: Pleasure Land. You all have your tickets? Great! Last time on board we talked about oral play. Once again,… Read More Summer 100: Sex Toys

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Summer 100: Oral Play

Artists: Mtume | Song: “Juicy Fruit” “Cherry blossom kiss What you’re givin’ Makes my body rock Keeps me sizzlin’ Do what you want I don’t care I’ll be your lollipop You can lick me everywhere” This Is Your Captain Speaking Welcome back to Flight 0929! Destination: Pleasure Land.  The last time in transit we were dancing to Mary… Read More Summer 100: Oral Play

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It’s Our Day!

Artist: Mary J. Blige|Song: “Just Fine” Music Moves Us. Today I want women everywhere to embrace and love yourself (we should do this as often as possible). Find some music to soothe your mind, make you smile, feel inspired or dance. Last time, Atlantic Starr lifted my spirits, today I went with Mary! This is… Read More It’s Our Day!

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Never Say Never

TW: Sexual Abuse I Was My Father’s Princess I didn’t have a problem with self confidence, nor was I missing love from my father. My dad raised us to be independent, strong willed, and proud. The future looked bright.  However, I was a victim of abuse. There’s a misconception that abused individuals have low self… Read More Never Say Never

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Pay For Porn

Disclosure There was a time when some of us watched porn via VHS, then DVDs were introduced. About six years ago give or take, I started to indulge in “free” online sites. I was unaware of computer viruses from viewing porn websites. As a result, I ruined a laptop, then after trial and error I… Read More Pay For Porn

Holiday Humor

Happy Holidays

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: FROM THE PLEASURE CONNOISSEUR! It’s still time to take care of yourself this holiday season, you bought something for the children. Happy New Year!  

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Lust Expires

Artist: Atlantic Starr| Song: “When Love Calls” When Love Calls, You BETTER ANSWER! The song speaks for itself, so listen to what she’s saying world! HEEEHEEEE! Briefly, my advice to people that are allowing true love to slip away: lust expires. Not to mention, your mate deserves a love that is reciprocated.To start, last time I… Read More Lust Expires