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My Sex Ed Journey

My Sex Ed Journey TW: Mention of sexual abuse First stop: Innocence To start, my father told my sisters and I that we were his princesses. He said, “I love you” every day. I remember him playing music often, music was a key component in our lives.  He enjoyed a variety of genres(that’s why I LOVE… Read More My Sex Ed Journey

Sex Education


CONTRACEPTIVES There was a time when teens didn’t have easy access to sex education or contraceptives. I found this website and all I can say is WOW! “Everyone” needs to check this out!!!! It’s loaded with AMAZING resources.  BEDSIDER Digital SolutionsBirth Control Reminders Technology is amazing!! Check out the Bedsider’s website for more info.  … Read More Bedsider

Sex Education

Gender Pronouns

Before I became aware, there was a few times I used the wrong pronoun and felt awful. Subsequently, when I wasn’t sure if I should say he or she (was clueless… didn’t know of others) I’d use their name when addressing folks. It wasn’t until I interned with The CSPH that I was educated on the… Read More Gender Pronouns

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Lumberjill “Sex toys are one of the most intimate things you can buy. I’ve dedicated my time, creativity, and spirit to carving sex toys from warm energetic wood to deliver an experience unlike anything else you’ve tried before. Every toy is made with hand tools.” Richard Carver OWNER Works of art When I saw these… Read More Lumberjill

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Mr. Johnson Reviews

Mr. Johnson Reviews Mr. Johnson, an everyday average guy, who enjoys adventurous sex with his lovely wife of 20+ years Ms. V launched a blog primarily to share experiences from a male perspective. I think the concept is awesome.   Tumblr   Twitter Chastity Belts I recall the first time I saw a chastity belt, it… Read More Mr. Johnson Reviews

Sex Education


Discuss consent. Utilize credible sources. Sex Ed First. Essentially, sexual education should be a priority, and not only in public schools. Additionally, I feel that children should be aware. Most importantly, there are adults that could benefit from comprehensive, inclusive sex ed. In fact, some folks such as myself didn’t have access to the plethora… Read More #SexEdFirst

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Tantus, Inc.

Tantus,Inc Tantus, Inc was the first company to launch adult sex products made from their own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. I’m a proud affiliate.  An affiliate is someone who sells products online, and makes a commission via links and banners. 

Business Showcase

Blogging Resources

Blogging Resources DreamHost& Wordpress TO START Use the link to sign up with DreamHost. They will direct you to WordPress. Both offer different options, great resources online, and chat assistance for tech support. Next select a theme. A theme is a template used to assist with the layout of your website/blog. WordPress offers a host… Read More Blogging Resources

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Feisty Fox Films

Feisty Fox Films To begin, I commend Feisty Fox Films for all the work they do for others. They have a  Monthly Spotlight, which focuses on new folks within the sex education community. As well as, feature other endeavors in the sex positive industry. Additionally, if you’re new and seeking camaraderie, Feisty Fox Films started  #WorkingWEBnesday.  Moreover, working WEBnesday… Read More Feisty Fox Films

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Kandi Coated Makeup

Kandi Coated Makeup Artist: Cameo|Song: “Candy” “It’s like candy. I can feel it when you walk even when you talk it takes over me. You’re so dandy I wanna know can you feel it too just like I do…woo!” Welcome back to Flight 0929! Last time on board we visited our final Summer100 Blog Challenge destination.… Read More Kandi Coated Makeup