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Birth Control and Technology: Besider, image with magenta background, a drawing hands holding a cell phone that is used as a birth control pill package.

Birth Control and Technology: Bedsider

Birth Control and Technology: Besider A Great Idea! To start, birth control wasn’t always accessible.  However, that has changed. Recently, I found Bedsider’s website and it’s incredible.  Moreover, they aren’t merely an AMAZING tool for contraception methods.  Also, this website has a variety of sex education resources. As quoted by Bedsider, “Babies are great…when you’re …

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#SexEdFirst: No One Knows Everything

#SexEdFirst: No One Knows Everything To begin, I launched a #SexEdFirst campaign to support my sexual education goals.  As well as, to facilitate future workshops in my area.  Discuss consent. Utilize credible sources Moreover, in my opinion sex ed should be a priority, and not only in public schools.  Additionally, I feel that children should be aware. …

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Sex Ed Classes: Learning & Sharing

Sex Ed Classes: Learning & Sharing To start, I like to lead by example. So, if you’re interested in the sex education field that’s great. #SexEdFirst.  Ultimately, the route you take depends on your budget, as well as other factors.  Previously, I was advised by someone that qualifications weren’t necessary.  However, I’m licensed, have professional certifications …

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