Lumberjill, path in the woods, tall trees on both sides.

Lumberjill: Works of Art… Premium Wood

Lumberjill: Works of Art... Premium Wood

"Sex toys are one of the most intimate things you can buy. I’ve dedicated my time, creativity, and spirit to carving sex toys from warm energetic wood to deliver an experience unlike anything else you’ve tried before. Every toy is made with hand tools."
Lumberjill, image of RICHARD CARVER OWNER
Richard Carver

Works of art

To begin, I am so excited about these gorgeous, handcrafted, high end, body safe, adult intimacy items.  Also, you can purchase via the images linked below. Additionally, I am elated to support a POC artist.

"the Knob"



Why wood?

Healing:  Secondly, wood is used through millennia in natural healing methods and spiritual practices.  It is charged with spiritual energy for a number of applications.  Just imagine how effective a sex toy charged with positive energy can make you feel!


Other benefits:

Feel:  Finally, wood possesses a warmth other materials can’t match, making it remarkably inviting to use.  Wooden toys are light in weight, allowing you to play longer without  the fatigue you might normally  experience with more dense materials.

Sex Educators

Handmade 3D Clitoris Models

Lumberjill, 3D Clitoris Models, wooden handcrafted pieces.

In closing, these models are available on Richard’s Etsy account. To add, other made to order customized items are available. Furthermore, this is not an affiliate link. Follow on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

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