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Happy Thoughts… Smiling Today

Happy Thoughts... Smiling Today

Artist: Haddaway|Song: "What Is Love"

It’s FRIDAY!!!!¬†Today I’m focused on having happy thoughts. I know we just cried and had ice cream last time we spoke. Nevertheless, sobbing can be utilized as a means to detox the mind. My grandmother always said, “Just let it out, inward stress will not do you any good”.¬† Even still, my intent was to release which is therapeutic¬†for me.

Moving on, isn’t it neat how Haddaway tried a different approach than Ms. Raitt, yet essentially they’re both conveying the same predicament? In spite¬†of the upbeat tempo, someone isn’t getting the¬†love they so desperately seek.

However, this time instead of feeling out of sorts, I just¬†want to dance or do whatever they’re doing in the car scene from¬†A Night At The Roxbury¬†without breaking the window.


Happy thoughts, Night At The Roxbury movie car scene animated gif

Have a good weekend sexy people!


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