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Happy Thoughts… Smiling Today

Happy Thoughts... Smiling Today

Artist: Haddaway|Song: "What Is Love"

It’s FRIDAY!!!! Today I’m focused on having happy thoughts. I know we just cried and had ice cream last time we spoke. Nevertheless, sobbing can be utilized as a means to detox the mind. My grandmother always said, “Just let it out, inward stress will not do you any good”.  Even still, my intent was to release which is therapeutic for me.

Moving on, isn’t it neat how Haddaway tried a different approach than Ms. Raitt, yet essentially they’re both conveying the same predicament? In spite of the upbeat tempo, someone isn’t getting the love they so desperately seek.

However, this time instead of feeling out of sorts, I just want to dance or do whatever they’re doing in the car scene from A Night At The Roxbury without breaking the window.


Happy thoughts, Night At The Roxbury movie car scene animated gif

Have a good weekend sexy people!


Happy thoughts, Night At The Roxbury movie club scene animated gif

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