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Birth Control and Technology: Besider, image with magenta background, a drawing hands holding a cell phone that is used as a birth control pill package.

Birth Control and Technology: Bedsider

Birth Control and Technology: Besider A Great Idea! To start, birth control wasn’t always accessible.  However, that has changed. Recently, I found Bedsider’s website and it’s incredible.  Moreover, they aren’t merely an AMAZING tool for contraception methods.  Also, this website has a variety of sex education resources. As quoted by Bedsider, “Babies are great…when you’re …

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Sex Ed First black tee with white font.

#SexEdFirst: No One Knows Everything

#SexEdFirst: No One Knows Everything To begin, I launched a #SexEdFirst campaign to support my sexual education goals, as well as to facilitate future workshops in my area.  Moreover, in my opinion sex ed should be a priority, and not only in public schools. Additionally, I feel that children should be aware. Also, there are adults that …

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