FIRST TOY REVIEW: Woohoo!, image of a hand holding a wicked wings adult toy in the air, white clouds and blue sky in the background.

First Toy Review: Woohoo!


I was eager to start my sex ed blogging journey (we were able to select a free toy to review) in Epiphora, and JoEllen Notte’s  Be A Sex Blogger Class. Use my $10 coupon code PleasureConnoisseurs when you register for classes.

To start, WICKED WINGS had specs on Fun Factory’s  website, that I failed to look at.

Anywho, I opened my box immediately upon arrival.  I am happy that they’re generous enough to include a case to hold my items. I appreciate it Fun Factory!

***Buyers keep in mind that you will need the Fun Factory charger kit which is sold separately in order to make it a rechargeable device. Also, if you opt out of the kit, batteries are not included. The detailed excerpt below is from their website.***

“FLEXIBLE POWER, want to do your part to save the world? Start with your vibrator. WICKED WINGS has an eco-friendly feature you’ve never seen before: it runs equally well on regular or rechargeable batteries, and you can even charge the batteries inside the toy!

Pick up the HYBRID KIT, which comes with a pair of top-of-the-line rechargeable batteries and a CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE cable, to upgrade your toy to a battery/rechargeable hybrid. Thanks to our smart charging technology, you can just pop in the rechargeable batteries, plug in the cable, and charge as usual” (funfactory).

Great Quality

I’ll acknowledge the best part is the quality of the vibrator. Moreover, the gifts are a pleasant surprise and the packaging for Wicked Wings is great. Also, I like the soft, flexible, and body safe silicone.

However, despite the presentation, my excitement came to a halt.  My attention went to the size of the shaft. The length is about 3″, generally that’s adequate to stimulate the g-spot, but um this isn’t appealing to me.

My second issue is the wings. I feel that perhaps a motor inside to enhance the vibrations would’ve been incredible. Unfortunately, the vibrating, silky shaft didn’t satisfy me.

A word of advice, please research toys before you purchase and read the reviews(duh… I was learning how to review toys and didn’t read one) in order to avoid disappointment.

On the other hand, my dislikes shouldn’t deter you. Some people don’t care for mind-blowing vibrations or girth.

Check out my other review, well actually I discuss the history of adult toys and I mention how much I loooove the REAL NUDE ROLLO.


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