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Backwoods Bedroom: An Amazing Writer

Backwoods Bedroom: An Amazing Writer

Backwoods Bedroom, young lady holding two adult toy wands in her hands, she is wearing glasses, blond hair, blue shirt and denim pants.

Laurieann Vicsson

Toy Critic & Advocate for Affordability

But mostly just a voice for her (at times) hypercritical clit

Check Out Her Blog!

To start, Lauriann is a talented and engaging writer. She specializes in thorough sex toy reviews. I included Backwoods Bedroom in another post, so I’m excited to showcase her business this month.

Also, she is a selfless and supportive blogger.  As well as, a positive impact in the sex ed community. I appreciate that Laurieann patronizes single mother, business owners. She bought a tee for my #SexEdFirst campaign!  

In addition, check out her incredible work please and thanks. For instance, this WaterSlyde review influenced me to buy one soon. You can order one here.


Backwoods Bedroom, blue clear sky, woman's hands holding a pink waterslyde adult toy.

Sex Education

Moreover, we share a common bond, because sex education has made a monumental impact in our lives. Additionally, she has a great post about her back story which resonated with me.  Honestly, I am very happy to have made her virtual acquaintance! 

As stated in Lauriann’s bio, “Let’s go on a journey, continuing to learn and spread the word about quality sex toys, sexual position aids, and lubricants. Its high time we claim the pleasure we all deserve! It’s our birthright. Let’s own it!”  I agree 100%! 

In closing, I don’t usually share songs in tabs other than, It’s Karaoke Time.  But a John Denver classic was the first choice when I changed my mind.

However, I’ll opt for a fun Bonnie Raitt tune, since Laurieann and I are fans. 

Don’t like Bonnie? I found Will Ferrell’s rendemption.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t say enough how much this means to me and how much I appreciate all the kind words. I’m honored that you choose me for your Business Showcase for the month of October. I’m hoping that our community, working together, like this, can put to rest the stigma surrounding sex and sexual education. Your #SexEdFirst initiative is very important and relevant with the current political atmosphere. Thank you for raising awareness about the poor state of sexual education in this country. Happy October, Captain!

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