Pink & White Productions: Pay For Porn, image of Shine and diverse crew working on film.

Pink & White Productions: Pay For Porn

Pink & White Productions: Pay For Porn

There was a time when some of us watched porn via VHS, then DVDs were introduced. About six years ago give or take, I started to indulge in “free” online sites. I was unaware of computer viruses from viewing porn websites. As a result, I ruined a laptop, then after trial and error I happened upon a few sites that seemed ok.

Well it turns out, they aren’t. I’m guilty of not knowing where the footage came from, even though in most cases it’s amateur uploads. However, it turns out the professional films posted aren’t authorized. So, think about it… would you want to work for free? The answer is no right? I wouldn’t either.

Check out Crash Pad Series, Pink Label TV, and Heavenly Spire. These sites are produced by Pink & White Productions. Pink and White has a variety of choices for viewers and a diverse group of cast members.

The Best Things In Life Aren't Free

In my opinion, viewing professional footage was an experience as opposed to the “free” flicks I find online. I say this because there wasn’t pop ups or threats of a virus as I indulged. Most important, I’m supporting individuals that are dedicated to this industry.

Uninhibited porn depicting safer sex via a safe/secure website is the way to go. I’ve found that the best things in life aren’t free after all. A membership is well worth the investment.

Also, Pink and White Productions affords filmmakers the opportunity to work on independent projects:

“Point of Contact (Emerging Pornographers Series) fosters up-and-coming adult filmmakers through a micro-production model, allowing Pink & White Productions to further its mission to improve the world of adult cinema by providing opportunities for alternative voices.

Point of Contact equips individuals with a small budget, camera, and guidelines, enabling them to produce their own four-part series. Once their work is shot, the final content is edited by Pink & White Productions and distributed on PinkLabel.TV, where a direct percentage of the sale goes to the filmmakers.”

They offer another option, Studio Submission, “New pornographers face several obstacles in distributing their work online. It can be difficult to find a VOD company that will host experimental films, or present alternative sexualities with accurate and respectful categories and descriptions. Most importably, offers in-house technical and customer support, CCBill payment processing, a competitive affiliate platform under Pink & White Affililates, hands-on advice for marketing, business, and production inquiries, casting resources and festival submission guides, and more
 all of which gives emerging producers the potential to make money from their videos and build a sustainable career.

With non-exclusive distribution, acts as both a starting point for brand new producers, as well as an alternative distribution for established, independent studios looking to add their work to a hand-curated collection of unique and landmark films in the field of alternative and female sexuality.” (



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  1. Those “free online” porn hubs were the worse with the zombie pop-ups that littered your computer. Thanks Shelly advocating to buy quality porn and sharing great resource sites.

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