Adult Sex Ed: Let鈥檚 Talk About, image of two lady bugs one is standing behind the other.

Adult Sex Ed: Let’s Talk About…

Adult Sex Ed: Let's Talk About...

Artist: Cheat Codes and Kris Kross Amsterdam|Song: "SEX"

Artist: Salt & Peppa|Song: "Let's Talk About Sex"

This Is Your Captain Speaking

“Let’s talk about sex, baby let’s talk about you and me let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be let’s talk about sex, baby let’s talk about you and me let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be let’s talk about sex”

***Welcome back to Flight 0929聽passengers! Everyone has a聽聽boarding pass? Great! Last time we talked about sex toys. Today we will revisit sex education, which is the last stop on our Summer 100 Blog Challenge journey. Sex education is a big part of intimacy. It’s important to discuss consent, ask questions when unaware, as well as being comfortable when talking about sexual health with your mate. I must add, getting information from credible sources is important.

I recommend sex ed before encounters with partners or during self exploration, especially if you’re trying something new. #SexEdFirst.聽 Moreover, sexual education isn’t merely about sex acts. No one knows everything, but there’s more to sex than bumping and grinding.

Sex ed includes the instruction of issues relating to聽human sexuality, human sexual anatomy,聽sexual reproduction,聽consent,聽reproductive health,聽reproductive rights, and safer sex practices among other topics.

My copilots today are Isabella Lauren & Miss Scarlet.

Isabella discusses endometriosis: en路do路me路tri路o路sis藢end艒藢m膿tr膿藞艒s蓹s/


  1. a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain.
I’m glad Isabella shared her ordeal. I am aware of an unfamiliar condition now. Furthermore, Miss Scarlet speaks on the importance of using condoms. This is what makes sexual education great.聽 Sharing to potentially help and enlighten others. I enjoy being a forever learner.聽

Alright folks, I usually select one song for our trip, however, the lyrics were sampled. So, I LOVE both versions. Honestly, I just heard “Sex” for the first time today, hope you like it too.聽

Didn't Have Sex Ed, So I Winged It

I wasn鈥檛 always comfortable with self-gratification or discussing sex. Essentially, I was raised during an era when sex education in school was limited. Also, most of my peers’ parents, mine included, acted as if we all came from a cabbage patch or a stork. We didn鈥檛 fathom discussing boys with our mothers. The bottom line was you better not be acting “hot.”

I think many of us grew up without knowing how to please ourselves, which can lead to settling for unnecessary/unfulfilling sex. On the other hand, if we don’t know what to ask for, how do we expect someone to work magic. I must add, I’ve had conversations with women thinking they can’t be satisfied unless they’re with a mate.

Recently, I was shocked when a woman told me her boyfriend said she was a lesbian if she used a vibrator or dildo.聽There are men that feel threatened by toys. So, adult sex ed could be resourceful for uninformed individuals. Honestly, I can’t say for certain that their issues stemmed from a lack of sex ed or the fact that sexuality was forbidden at home in their youth.

But, I for one can recall being in the bath as a child and touching myself. I remember vividly how the soapy washcloth gave me a sensation. I was punished when my mother caught me. Basically, I grew up thinking masturbation was dirty.

Then my marital circumstances caused anxiety/depression. As a result, it was difficult to feel sexy or to recognize what I was missing intimately. JoEllen Notte discusses this topic in great detail. Time and resilience heals me; even though, it’s a constant struggle.

I Can Laugh Now

And despite the past, my self-gratifying journey has been humorous at times. For instance, I think I have tennis elbow because of 鈥減racticing鈥 and finding my聽G-Spot (Gr盲fenberg聽Spot,聽bean-shaped area inside the vagina) it could be a contributing factor.聽

I never mentioned it to my family physician and I’m guilty of not seeing my gynecologist for a few years now, I know for sure the first one mentioned would attribute my ailment to the hand/arm injury I sustained while moving a while ago. I wish I had access to Sunny Megatronback then.

Additionally, the first 鈥済adget鈥 I played with was supposed to be used to wash my back, it spun around. I came up with the ingenious idea to use it for masturbation, and the attachment scratched my inner thigh quite a bit. Essentially, it wasn鈥檛 effective for the intended purpose or the one I created.

Oh, and my extended shower head… let’s just say I forgot about my hair weave and during that time I didn’t invest in human hair. The hairstyle didn’t look the same; however, the experience was worth it. During this time, I was almost 30 years old and never had powerful clitoral stimulation or experienced female ejaculation. It would’ve been s much easier if i had my hands on a Waterslyde reviewed by Backwoods Bedrooms.

Afterwards,聽I decided it was time to visit an adult toy shop. If only I knew about sex bloggers such as Epiphora back then, perhaps buying a toy wouldn’t have been so overwhelming. First, I bought a silver bullet and I used it so long it burned. Then, I had to replace it and this time I opted for a purple, jelly, toxic, plastic vibrator with a cute, extremely fast, rabbit bullet attached to it (I didn’t know it was toxic. I was utterly clueless back then).

Knowledge Is Power

Reflecting today, I think out of all my mishaps while exploring this is the worst experience. I stored my toxic toy after cleaning, then a month or so later it had yucky black spots on it. Turns out you must dry your toys thoroughly before storing them. Better yet, if possible avoid non-body safe gadgets. Dangerous Lily discussed and thoroughly researched聽toxic sex toys.

Eventually, selling/using non-porous toys, learning about my body, and adult sex ed was beneficial to me. There are a few other聽educators聽that are helpful to me. Also, working as an intern with The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health聽was enlightening. I am working towards my accreditation one day, until then I enjoy spreading knowledge as a sex ed advocate.聽

I think that adult sexual education can assist with better sex, awareness, self-gratification and toy safety. Those are just a few perks.聽

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  1. YES!!! That’s why I love the folks I’m connecting with in the sex ed community. Reputable and inclusive!!! Thanks May, I REALLY appreciate your support while on my sex ed journey. You are an AMAZING writer. Thanks for always taking the time to read my work, as well as informing me sharing my work, giving me sources to network and expand. THIS is what networking is all about. I talk so much about those that don’t support. I salute those that do!! I think I will start a Blog of The Month share for all of the folks that actually understand how we all can be successful and reach more people receptive to our work. Thanks so much!!! 馃檪

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