Summer 100. Oral Play Is Not A Game, image of a wind up toy teeth and toy pastries.

Summer 100. Oral Play Is Not A Game

Summer 100. Oral Play Is Not A Game

Artists: Mtume|Song: "Juicy Fruit"

“Cherry blossom kiss what you‚Äôre givin‚Äô makes my body rock keeps me sizzlin‚Äô do what you want I don‚Äôt care I‚Äôll be your lollipop you can lick me everywhere.”

This Is Your Captain Speaking

Welcome back to Flight 0929! Destination: Pleasure Land.¬†¬†The last time¬†in transit¬†we were dancing to Mary J. Blige,¬†celebrating life, and International Women’s Day!¬†I had to invest in self-care for awhile, so I’m happy to be here today. As you board, check your itinerary please and thanks.

You’ll find¬†our passage¬†through the Summer 100 Blog Challenge will be stimulating, educating, and liberating. As we travel, the opportunity for us to meet some of my sex blogging co-pilots is delightful! Ani and May are joining today.

For new passengers it’s usually¬†music¬†here and if you check the affiliate links to your right you can indulge in sexy adult films provided by Pink & White Productions!¬† You can use the 15% off promo code¬†QueerPornPride via Crashpad Series and PinkLabel TV.¬†Don’t forget it’s Pride Month… so what better way to support LGBT than paying for awesome, ethical,¬†queer porn!

Alright! Buckle up, it’s time to relax and take off.¬†¬†By the way, the topic today is oral sex. There are folks that¬†are partial to only¬†receiving, those that take pleasure in giving, some prefer mutual satisfaction, and individuals that want a combination of acts.¬†It doesn’t matter how you like it as long as you’re both consensual adults.

Moreover,¬†it’s¬†necessary to¬†have candid discussions about boundaries, May speaks on this subject (TW: sexual¬†abuse).¬†I should add, fellatio: oral stimulation of the penis or cunnilingus: orally stimulating the female genitals can be great to¬†many,¬†however;¬†there are people that do not care for it at all.¬†¬†As stated by Ani,¬†“It’s ok to not enjoy oral sex.”

You Are What You Eat

For those that participate in oral, there’s the matter of taste. Furthermore, studies suggest eating certain foods can make you taste sweet or most certainly better than someone that eats an abundance of, let’s say for example, asparagus. Heeheeee!!¬†I recall a Sex in the City episode¬†when Samantha discussed “funky spunk” with her girlfriends.

There are many theories on what to eat to make your sexual fluids appeal to ones palate, but one of the most recommended fruits is pineapple. From my understanding, less meat, increased water, fruits, and vegetables (excluding the one mentioned, as well as broccoli) should work wonders.

Additionally, it’s suggested to avoid recreational drugs, cigarettes¬†and excessive drinking too, apparently¬†these vices increase unsavory, bitter elements. ¬†To be clear, these recommendations are for anyone, and not limited to individuals with a penis.¬†

Alright everyone, we are now on to our¬†next approach, Summer 100: Relationships.¬†So, listen to our musical selection if you haven’t already. During my time of innocence, there were a few songs that¬†didn’t register¬†as sexually explicit, despite¬†including not so subtle innuendos. I recall my mother getting irritated and changing the channel if we tried to sing along. This¬†song¬†in particular cracked me up when I was old enough to appreciate the lyrics.

DIY Dental Dam

Summer 100. Oral Play Is Not A Game, DIY Dental Dam directions

Remember, if you want to taste like succulent fruit, stay hydrated and eat healthier. As well as, practice safer sex, I sell dental dams and condoms. But, I found a great technique to make your own dental dam. See you next time.

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